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Top 5 Package

Kumari( The living Goddess)

Peking to Kathmandu!

This package is designed keeping the needs of Chinese guests in mind. Our southern Neighbors provide the 2nd highest amount of tourists in our himalayan country. Chinese ...

Grade: Duration: 13 days

Off the beaten track!

Ghanapokhara is situated in north central Nepal, it is  mainly Gurung settlements promoting unique village tourism and practicing community based hospit...

Grade: Easy Duration: 15 Days

Hindu faith Tour.

The Hindu faith tour is designed for tourists with a desire to look deeper into the Hindu religion and its roots in Nepal. Nepal was once the only Hindu Kingdom in the wo...

Grade: Duration: 15 Days

Program with Dental concern

This tour is for all the people sick and tired of paying so much just to have an extraction. Its for all you people who have been dying to ge...

Grade: Duration: 14 Days
Langsisha Ri

Langsisha Ri Peak

Langsisha Ri Peak is situated in the Lantang region and it is technical and challenging peak those who really like to have adventure and use their experienced with full c...

Grade: Moderate-Difficult Duration: 15 Days

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Nepal is a small landlocked country sandwiched between China and India. The country is home to the highest mountain range in the world. Apart from mountains and trekking the country has lots more to offer. With rapid expansion in adventure sports like Paragliding, white water rafting, Ziplines, Game hunting, cycling & so on It is slowly turning into the adventure hub for South Asia .  Nepal also has a rich wildlife population of Bengal tigers, one horned Rhinoceros, Gharial crocodiles and more. These animals live in one of the ten national parks, three wildlife reserves, three conservation areas and one hunting reserve inside the country.Nepal also boasts rich architectural temples and monuments that were handcrafted by famous Newar artisans like Araniko(1245 – 1306 CE) called Aniko in China, the master craftsman behind the pagoda style temples famous all Over Asia. During the reign of Jaya Bhim Dev Malla, he was sent on a project to build a golden stupa in Tibet, where he was also initiated into monkhood. From Tibet he was sent further to China to work in the court of the Mongol emperor Kublai Khan, the founder of Yuan dynasty (1279–1368), where he brought the trans-Himalayan Nepalese artistic pagoda style to influence the Chinese art, which is now famous all over Asia & beyond. We are a renowned and experienced Nepalese travel provider that assists individual/group travellers with booking treks,mountaineering,flights,hotels etc. Any Nepal related travel queries you may have will be answered promptly with a price quote within 48 hours. So give us a call or e-mail us at and get your adventure to Nepal started!